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About Mzansi Digital

Enjoy Faster Internet

Enjoy a faster, more reliable, unlimited internet connection in your home or business. Connect wirelessly to our to network towers located at strategic, secure places around Delft.

  • Our Mission

    To create sustainable jobs within previously disadvantaged communities.

  • Our Vision

    To be the leader in community based decentralized contact centres.

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We offer smart affordable plans to suit your community

Choose the right plan for you. Whatever your online needs are, we can taylor a package just for you. Choose one of our standard packages or speak to our friendly, proffesional staff.

We are fully ICASA compliant

Independant Communictions Authority of South Africa Regulating in the Public Interest.

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Smart  Plans:

Prices for Businesses please email or whatsapp us on 021 955 2990

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About Mzansi Digital Republic

Building a digital highway between previously disadvantaged communities within Southern Africa.

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A Platform for Change

Dignity matters, and we believe that offering a hand -up, not a hand-out, is the only way to create lasting change. We believe that every community has the potential to be transformed into places of opportunity and prosperity by using their own community’s skills, creativity and resources – but often, they need help getting started.



Poor communities tend to stay poor, caught in a crippling cycle of Poverty. However technology holds the power to level the playing field – granting poor communities the same opportunities as wealthy communities. But only for those that have can access it.


Model & Infrastructure:

Current Infrastructure deployed for Wi-Fi has been significantly tested – 141,000 concurrent connections at peak demand. Local technical team is in place and trained to design, deploy and maintain infrastructure. More than 500 dedicated subscriber line customers, with 2,000 residents on the waiting list – also selling Wi-Fi usage coupons.


Mzansi R10 a GIG Hotspot

The Creative Solution:

A community continually transformed with its own resources

Key Learnings:

  • The capacity to build great things is in the townships (though often dormant).
  • To create lasting change in the community, the structure must perpetually help the township – or created value will leave.

It Starts With Access

Access changes everything!Connecting Impoverished Communities

Why it will work?

Delft has more than 100% saturation of “smart” phone technology per capita capable of using Wi-Fi / Fiber Internet. MDR has access to over 1,000 Spaza stores which need reliable internet and will serve as the distribution network for Wi-Fi vouchers sales and new dedicated subscriber lines. The demand for affordable, reliable highspeed internet is STRONG

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But How?

The Western Cape government built out Delft Wi-Fi infrastructure for a two-year trial in partnership with HoCM. MDR was created to run the trial, then would monetize the infrastructure thereafter, while providing ongoing free Wi-Fi to local schools. MDR worked with the telecommunication division of Tellumat, to assume, upgrade and expand the infrastructure enabling more Wi-Fi coverage and dedicated subscriber lines. The total cost of infrastructure built-out was ~$1 million USD. (combined Western Cape Government +Telumat)

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It's already happening

Skilled workers, inside Delft, are already managing the network infrastructure and technical support. Mzansi is charging 90% less than competitors in the region, while still throwing off cash from operations. Mzansi already has a state-of-the art call centre for customer support, as well as training, and job creation, in partnership with cloud call-centre firm Zaliab.

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Unlimited Data

  • There is no limit on your data
  • Stable Connection
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited streaming

Business Internet

  • Keep your business connected
  • Internet & cloud access
  • eMail & phone connection
  • Business automation.

Home Internet

  • Your home is connected
  • Smart TV & phones
  • Game consoles
  • Media boxes

View our Frequently Asked Questions Below.

I have no internet connection.

Check if the Wi-Fi Modem is on. A Green connection light should be on. If the light is Orange, then check the power on the POE. That is the little black box that connects to the outside WiFi Dish. It has 2 wires on one side and 1 wire on the other going outside. It also has a light that should be “On“.

I cannot connect to anything.

Is your device connected to the correct Wi-Fi? If you are using a wired connection, make sure that it is securely plugged in at both the device and the Router.

Only some devices connect to the internet.

Check that the device is on the correct Wi-Fi network.
Check the Wi-Fi password.
Restart the device.

How can I change my W-Fi name?

To change your Wi-Fi name (SSID), you have to log into your router.

This is protected by a user name and password. You would have received that when your equipment was installed.


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